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Business Area

Sedong IND Co., Ltd has produced auto parts through metal molds of press, press working, weld, AL die casting, and heat treatment since its inception.
Moreover, Sedong has had professionalism of fields of auto because it established Technology and Design department.

  • Stamping/weld Business

    Our Sedong has the
    manufacturing technique with
    metal molds and press of
    Advanced High Strength Steel
    for safety of vehicle, which are
    the advanced technology.
    Therefore, Sedong uses welding skills of various forms and has
    manufacturing skills that meet
    4customers’ requirement.

  • AL Die-casting Business

    Our Sedong establishes flow
    analysis, and the best casting
    method with development of
    various casting processing
    method of special alloy. And
    Sedong has the technique of
    vibration-proof parts that meet
    customers’ requirement.

  • AL heat treatment Business

    Our Sedong has capability to
    supply specialized parts because
    of its AL heat treatment for
    hardness of aluminium alloy.

  • Precision machining Business

    Our Sedong has the machining
    technique of each different
    casting part, and automatizes
    all ofmachining processes,
    which has cost competitiveness.