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Welcome to Sedong IND. Co., Ltd

First of all, thank you so much for visiting Sedong’s Website.
Our Sedong has developed steadily with
development of car industry for 30 years with
Daeheung R&T Co, Daeheung Co, and Daehan IND. Co., Ltd.

Customers, stockholders, and partners are interested

in our Sedong, so that it could get the result.
Therefore, Sedong does its best for satisfaction of them.

Our Sedong seeks to grow up to a global enterprise.

Products produced by Sedong are used for cars over the world.
And it is Sedong’s goal that it’s technical skills get recognized
by all of world people as well as customers of it.

'Global Sedong!'
Sedong will develop steadily to a global enterprise of
car parts as it achieved growth with a constant goal-oriented way.

There is ‘Made in Sedong’ in ‘Made in Korea’
Sedong will be a global company of car parts.
We hope customers, stockholders, and partners’ support and interest.
And thank you again for visiting Sedong’s website

Sedong IND. Co., Ltd