Global First Class Company

Global First Class Quality and Company! Sedong developing toward future.
The Auto Parts Supplier thinking about humanity.

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It is, global customer satisfaction
that Sedong IND. Co., Ltd sets its sight on.

Global First Class Quality and Company!
Sedong developing toward future!
The Auto Parts Supplier thinking about humanity!


Sedong improved technical skills through technical cooperation with Toyo Seoko Co.,Ltd in 1997. Furthermore, Sedong has been ‘Leading Company’
of the auto parts suppliers through technical tie-up and exportation with Tokai Rubber Co.,Ltd since 1990.

  • 2017. 07Start of AL precision machining business
  • 2016. 07Acquisition of RSM ASES
  • 2015. 09Acquisition of H/KMC SQ Certificate (Heat process)
  • 2014. 11Implementation of AL-T6 heat treatment
  • 2013. 05Acquisition of Mando MQ Certificate (Press)
  • 2009. 07Technology and Design department established
  • 2008. 09Acquisition of GM CQI-15 Certificate (Weld)
  • 2013. 05Acquisition of ISO/TS16949 Certificate
  • 2005. 07Acquisition of H/KMC SQ Certificate (Weld)
  • 2005. 02Sedong IND Co.,Ltd established
  • 2002. 06Register of a cooperator with U.S.A., China and Tokai Rubber Co.,Ltd of Japan and product
  • 1997. 07Press Operation Division of Gimhae Factory established
  • 1995. 05The Order of National Service Merit Seogryu Medal awarded
  • 1988. 0342th Steel Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit
  • 1986. 11Export Tower and the Presidential Citation awarded in the 23th Export Day
  • 1984. 10Gimhae Factory of Daehan IND Co., Ltd. established