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It is, global customer satisfaction
that Sedong IND. Co., Ltd sets its sight on.

Sedong IND. Co., Ltd , which based on Daehan IND. Co., Ltd
founded in 1970, has developed in evolving auto industry over 30 years.

Sedong made constant progress by establishing
Busan factory of on Daehan IND. Co., Ltd in 1977 and
Gimhae factory in 1984, and setting up press operation of the Gimhae factory. Moreover, Sedong
showed steady growth by receiving Export Tower
and the Presidential Citation Award in the 23th
Export Day
in 1986, the Order of National Service
Merit Seogryu Medal Award in 1995, and the Youth
Grand Order Award.

Sedong improved technical skills through technical
cooperation with Toyo Seoko Co.,Ltd in 1997.
Furthermore, Sedong has been ‘Leading Company’
of the auto parts suppliers through technical tie-up
and exportation with Tokai Rubber Co.,Ltd since 2000.

Sedong produces Zero defect of products, constantly
develops new technology for effective action to age
of unlimited competition, and establishes Quality
Management System from CEO to employees to
achieve Customer Satisfaction.

All of our employees do their efforts while hoping
‘Global Sedong’ with their faith, creativity, and beliefs.

Sedong IND. Co., Ltd